Life Insurance Leads

Our life insurance product is setup to primarily target consumers looking for a term assurance and/or critical illness policies. The leads are generated via a number of different media sources including PPC, email and in some cases display. Typically we will capture a fairly complete application including desired product type, insured amount, term, and desired premium type. We also provide partner details for joint applications and smoking status along with complete address details, phone numbers and an email address.

Lead Category Availability

Data Lead Voice Lead Enhanced Lead

Lead Filters

Typically we do not offer optional lead filtering on life insurance leads. We will process the lead internally to ensure it’s matched to an appropriate adviser but do not add additional levels of filtering like geographic location or insured amount.

Example Lead & Product Fields

Life Insurance Lead

More Information

If you’re interested in placing an order or would like to learn more you can call our accounts team direct on 0117 325 0488 or request a call back.