Focussing exclusively on the financial services sector E-finity provides both B2C and B2B leads in a number of formats across multiple categories. Our focus is on providing real time, engaged prospects. Every lead we sell is provided on an exclusive basis. We do not multi sell leads, remarket to the consumer or sell spreadhseets of data.

Data Leads

Data leads are the most common lead type and typical entry point for anyone looking to drive new business through lead generation. Our data lead product has been refined down over a number of years and will typically include detailed product or service requirements, applicant details including name and DOB, full street level address, email address and phone number(s).

Data leads are generated in real time and sold on exclusive basis. Prior to delivery every data lead is put through a rigorous vetting process to ensure accuracy and validity of the consumers’ application. At the point we are satisfied the lead meets our strict quality control requirements the product requirements are assessed and the lead is matched to a provider who can further the consumers' enquiry.

Data leads can be delivered via email or directly into you CRM. We’re also able to provide real time SMS alerts when a new lead is matched to you.

Voice Leads

Voice leads are ideal for operations where the phones can be constantly manned. With a voice lead the consumer is given the option to phone directly as opposed to filling out a form. This call is then transferred directly to a sales adviser within your company.

Unlike a hotkey where the consumer has been called, often at random, by a call centre and persuaded to talk with a sales person for the product in question, voice leads are generated when the consumer voluntarily chooses to call in and speak with an adviser. This of course means a 100% contact rate and a super engaged consumer.

Voice leads are charged on a cost per call basis. Generally speaking a voice lead will become chargeable when the call length reaches a predefined minimum. Unfortunately criteria filtering is unavailable on voice leads. 

Enhanced Leads

Enhanced leads are perfect for situations where you just want to sell and do not want to be bogged down with trying to get hold of the consumer. Enhanced leads grew out of our desire to better serve the independent financial adviser who is too busy servicing customers to call leads on a real time basis.

With an enhanced lead we take care of both contacting the customer and in certain circumstances performing an initial fact find. This fact find is then packaged up with a confirmed appointment time and dropped directly into your calendar along with SMS reminders for both you and the consumer.

Enhanced leads are a great way to add appointments to your diary without having to commit the resource normally required to extract the best value from a lead generation campaign.

More Information

If you’re interested in placing an order or would like to learn more you can call our accounts team direct on 0117 325 0488 or request a call back.