“Understaffed”… “Office closure”… “Weekend plans”… “Can’t follow up quickly”

Clients that buy weekend leads constantly tell us they work well so we’re making it our mission in 2016 to get mortgage brokers to give weekends leads a try.

According to a recent study conducted by Velocify weekend leads close 20% better than weekdays leads even though lead buyers are much slower to respond to them.

We think weekend leads should form part of your marketing strategy in 2016 for these three reasons:

  1. Higher consumer engagement

A lot of consumers who enquire on lead generation sites, work a full-time job and we receive a high number of enquiries during lunch breaks and work breaks which means there is an instant time pressure on both the consumer and the broker to make contact.

On weekends consumers have more time to think about their enquiry; more time to research the product they want and ultimately more time to decide what they want to buy.

Starting the sales conversation with a relaxed engaged consumer will lead to more sales.

  1. Building a pipeline for the week

Just because a consumer applies on the weekend doesn’t mean they want to speak there and then but a quick email to introduce yourself and arrange a suitable time to call in the week means that you’ve captured the consumer’s interest at its highest point and will help you build a pipeline of work.

A quick five minutes chat with a weekend lead will reassure the consumer that they have applied with a reputable broker and will also take the pressure off the consumer to stop their search for a mortgage broker.

  1. Leads are cheaper to buy

We drive mortgage consumers to our sites via search advertising and because less brands and mortgage brokerages work on the weekends, less people advertise which means it’s cheaper for us to generate leads and therefore cheaper for you to buy them.

Lead generation is a return on investment activity and different strategies work for different brokers. If you are a self-employed broker who doesn’t have to worry about set work hours, buying leads on the weekends can give you a significant advantage over major banks and large brokerages who have to follow the 9-5 pattern.

Higher consumer engagement, less competition and cheaper leads are all major benefits for taking leads on weekends. These factors can double your conversions compared to leads during the week.

Therefore if you do intend to grow your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are some factors that hold me back from weekend leads?
  • Have I tried weekend leads?
  • Could I trial 5 weekend leads this January?

Please do contact me at ines@e-finityleads.co.uk and I’d be happy to offer you a special introductory offer

Ines Hubmann is a Business Development Executive with E-Finity Leads.


By Richard Turner on 14-01-2016

How much are your B2L leads over the weekend ?

By Matt Edwards on 15-01-2016

Hi Richard,

Weekend B2L leads start from £10 + VAT.

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