Three reasons you should buy weekend leads

By Ines Hubmann

“Understaffed”… “Office closure”… “Weekend plans”… “Can’t follow up quickly”

Clients that buy weekend leads constantly tell us they work well so we’re making it our mission in 2016 to get mortgage brokers to give weekends leads a try.

According to a recent study conducted by Velocify weekend leads close 20%…

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The 5 habits of highly successful lead buyers

By Colin Sykes

As the UK’s leading financial lead generation company, we supply leads to hundreds of different businesses. It doesn’t matter if they’re a blue chip with a big sales team or a self-employed broker, or if they sell mortgage products or funeral plans; what we notice time and time again is…

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Consumers Overwhelmingly Dependent on Mobile Phones

By Alain Desmier

Leading online advertising agency, E-Finity Leads, has today released figures showing the vast majority of consumers want brokers to call them back on mobile devices, rather than landlines.

E-Finity Leads, who provide consumer finance leads for over five hundred clients in the UK, compared valid lead data from their consumer…

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Branded Lead Generation Campaigns

By Matt Edwards

At E-finity we’re always looking for new and unique ways to drive value to our clients. Many of the campaigns we run are driven to our own generic web properties but we’re seeing increasing demand and increasing success from branded campaigns.

Branded campaigns offer several advantages over the more generic…

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Google Testing Removing Separator between Paid & Organic Results

By Matt Edwards

Near the end of last week I started noticing something didn’t seem quite right when I made a search using Google. I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it but something was certainly different. I performed a few more searches at random in an attempt to work it out and…

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