How do we do it?

Lead generation is often seen as a mysterious or somewhat dark art. Shady sales people offering spreadsheets of names and addresses from an unknown or unshared origin. This though is no longer representative of the industry; as digital channels have matured so too has lead generation and performance based marketing techniques generally.

At E-finity we take an open approach with our clients. The websites we use, the media we buy and the journey the consumer goes through before they reach your sales team are all shared. Every lead we generate is done so with a careful eye on compliance and a genuine message to the consumer. 

Four steps to success

Every lead generation campaign is different but there are four principals we stick to every time we launch a new product.


The first step is to understand who your customers are and where we can find them. A first time home buyer is going to behave quite differently online and consume quite different media than say a consumer considering equity release.

Identifying who we are looking for and where we can reach them is the first step.


Every customer enquiry we receive goes through a multifaceted verification process before reaching you. The first step is to insure we have real and valid data. Every phone number we collect is ping tested to ensure it’s live, every email address is verified as able to receive a message and every postal address is validated to street level against the Royal Mail database.

Verification doesn’t stop with valid data though. Every lead product we sell includes a compulsory question set that allows us to truly understand both what the consumer is looking for and also that what’s being offered is what the consumer wants and needs. Where it’s clear that these dots do not join up the lead is not delivered.


Not every consumer, or more accurately, not every consumer’s circumstances necessarily match what a provider can offer. There are situations where the consumer may need specialist advice or a product or service which you just can’t offer. We take the time before setting up a new campaign to understand this and an assessment is made prior to delivery to ensure that a consumer is being matched with a service provider who can assist them with their requirements.

This results in happier customers and more sales, every time.


The way we deliver the lead is just as important as the way we generate it. Old leads are cold leads and so ensuring leads are delivered to you or your sales team the minute they are verified and matched is of vital importance.

Our preferred method of delivery is to inject the lead directly into your CRM or sales system. We can interact and inject leads into just about any online system. Where this is not a possibility we offer both email and SMS alert services. You can also view, download and print your leads at any time using our online management portal.

More Information

If you’re interested in placing an order or would like to learn more you can call our accounts team direct on 0117 325 0488 or request a call back. You can also visit our knowledge base for more information.